Hi! My name is Lauren and I am the writer in this little corner of the internet. I am eighteen years old and living in Wales, where I have done so all my life. I title this as a "lifestyle blog," unsure of what category to place it under, but really I dabble in a bit of everything- so hopefully you will find something you enjoy to read here!

I am currently studying my A-levels, and in the last year of my education before university, which is pretty daunting! I study English Literature & Language, History, Drama and also the Welsh Baccalaureate, which is something Welsh students do, hence the name!

The main reason for starting this blog was my love for the written word. It won't take you long to find a scribbled draft of something or other wherever I am; my earliest works consisting of pencilled stick men and sentences that wondered from the lines in a wiggly, illegible fashion.

My love of blogging was increased by my discovery of photography; a few years ago, I began to take this hobby more seriously and spent my saved up money on a Canon 1200D, an investment I will never regret. Thousands of photos later, I can definitely say I am now known as the annoying, picture-taking member of the family, who squeals when there's good light and begs people to pose as I snap away. 

Anything creative excites me; I admit I'm an awful artist, but piano is one of my greatest loves, and also being on the stage. Since a young child, I have always loved performing, although I can't quite describe why. I have gone from playing Mary in my primary school nativity show, to Lambchops, a gutsy drummer, in "Fame!"

So here I am, blogging and loving it to this day, hoping my words will make some difference in this strange world we all live in. Thank you very much for taking your time to read my thoughts in this cosy part of the internet; if you're new, welcome, and if you've been here a while, welcome back!


Lauren x 
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