Friday, 13 November 2020

Period-Proof Underwear: Does it Work?

*this post is sponsored, however, all opinions stated are my own*

When I was about fourteen, I went to the doctors in the search for a solution. I was missing school due to being in debilitating period pain each month, and was very fed up. 

After the GP trying to push the pill, to which I replied 'no' (progesterone has since made me bleed for practically four months straight, but that's a story for another day) he prescribed mefenamic acid, which is basically a strong ibuprofen. At the end of the appointment, he stopped me and my mum in the doorway. 

'Ladies,' he said with a smile. 
'Yes?' We responded. 
'Remember,' he raised his eyebrows, 'you must have a positive attitude towards your menstrual cycle.'

I walked out of the surgery angry. How could a man who had no idea of the level of pain I was in when each month came, tell me to have a positive attitude towards the exact thing that was causing it? 

How could someone who had never missed school because of a biological process their body did every month, tell me I should feel happier

I was annoyed and so was my mum, having had the exact same issues growing up. 

So here I am around six years later: still in pain, and still resenting the patronising doctor who told me to be positive about it. 

I am on a journey to making my periods better, looking into other hormonal contraceptives that may help my womb calm down just a little bit (please). But currently, I am grateful for anything that can help me feel more comfortable when that time of the month comes around. 

This is where ModiBodi comes in. They've made underwear that removes the need for tampons or pads. All you do is bleed freely into them, plain and simple. No chemicals, no leaks and, perhaps most importantly, no waste. 

I see you, squinting with pessimism at the laptop screen. Yes, I was feeling exactly the same way around a year ago. It seemed totally outlandish that I could bleed freely into a pair of pants, without it leaking anywhere. 

I've been using ModiBodi's products for about a year now, and they do really make a difference to the period experience. The underwear is comfortable, lovely to look at, and eradicates the worry of waking up to bloodied sheets in the morning. 

Their new range includes a wider variety of colours and patterns, detracting from them being pants made for bleeding in. The two pairs I have been gifted are high waisted, so they give you the extra bit of support you're looking for from a pair of period undies. 

Let's answer some questions/responses:

Ew! I don't want to sit in my own blood all day. Not for me, sorry. 
The underwear has three layers, with the middle layer absorbing the fluid and soft bamboo on the top preventing any extra moisture. Unless you wear them for too long, you won't feel your period blood. In fact, if you're not very heavy, you won't really see it. 

I have heavy periods, so I don't think these will work for me. 
ModiBodi's underwear can hold up to ten tampon's worth of blood, so they really do have something for everyone!

I don't want to wear granny pants...
ModiBodi's products are all different types of sizes, shapes and colours. They have ones with lace at the top, or no lace at all. You can have black and understated, or a bold orange the world is your oyster! They even have thongs for your very light days. 

How can I care for my pants?
Rinse them through with cold water (you should do this with anything that has become blood-stained) then pop them in the washing machine below thirty degrees. 
An extra tip would be to avoid using fabric conditioner as this can lead to some bobbling which, as with all clothing, is best to avoid if possible. 

You can have a look at ModiBodi's website here. If you have any questions, please pop them below and I'll be more than happy to answer! 


  1. I've always wondered if these type of things worked. Will have to try some out.
    Sorry that your period gives you so much pain.

    1. I definitely recommend you giving them a try! Thank you, lovely x

  2. Thank you for sharing your story with us and helping to normalize the discussion of periods! These really sound like a game changer. A wonderful post!