Saturday, 21 November 2020

How I'm Getting Through the Second Lockdown (And How You Can Too)

*this post contains gifted items, however, all opinions stated are my own*

When I saw the headline for a second lockdown, my heart sank. 

Life is far from easy at the moment. Strikes and a global pandemic have resulted in my last proper teaching being in 2019, and I am now in the final year of my undergraduate degree. I am in a long-distance relationship, with my boyfriend studying over four hundred kilometres away from me. This has always been difficult but with the knowledge that I am now physically barred from seeing him, it has become even harder. I haven't seen family for months, and everything seems very much out of control. For a planner, this is all a little bit difficult (this is most definitely an understatement, but we're going to roll with it). 

It feels like the hurdles in my existence have been at least doubled, a feeling I'm sure a lot of you are experiencing. It's pretty rubbish, but we all have to keep as positive as we can. So here's what I will be doing to try and get through this smiling, and I hope some of the tips help you! 

1. Get Dressed. 

This may seem simple, but just yesterday I didn't get out of my pyjamas until about three. Lay a nice outfit out the night before, or maybe even put some makeup on. I think it's so easy to get into the mindset of 'well nobody is seeing me, why would I bother?' But why do other people matter more than you? Wear what makes you feel good! Brush your hair and teeth, wear some jewellery, maybe even a top that you class as too fancy for a day spent indoors. Wear something that makes you feel a bit more like you and I promise it works wonders. 

2. Create Routines. 

I've started making a porridge bowl in the morning. Each day, I get up and put some oats in the saucepan, stirring sleepily until they form a gloopy mixture. This gets piled into a bowl with frozen raspberries, milled seeds and runny peanut butter. Having this constant in my life, despite it being so small, has really helped get me going a bit in the morning. I also make sure I take a break from my desk for a mug of hot something (my current favourites are chai or a hot chocolate). I'm always drinking from this mug made by the lovely Cara at Sparrows Nest Ceramics, I recommend a look at her gorgeous pieces if you want to treat yourself or the people you love. She's currently giving a 10% discount to anyone who signs up to her newsletter!

3. Bring the Fun to You. 

For Halloween, my house dressed up as characters from Scooby-Doo and sang karaoke at the top of our voices to lament the loss of our previous (limited) freedoms. You can't bar crawl, but you can room crawl. We each made a cocktail and decorated our rooms so we could 'trick or treat' each other. Make it your own, and go crazy! 

4. Create a Space you Want to Be In. 

Light some candles, put some lovely music on and just block out the world for a while. I know it's difficult to escape right now, but creating a comfortable space is one step closer to doing so. I've filled my bedroom with plants, and it always smells like whatever candle is burning that day. It makes me feel happy, and it means I have control over this little space... something which I very much need! 

5. Get Physical. 

Do yoga, do some Zumba, run up and down the stairs. Get a friend involved and get those endorphins going. Have a laugh (or a cry) and let all those feelings out. 

6. Romanticism.

Okay, hear me out. I'm not saying the situation we find ourselves in is romantic, nor should we romanticise it. People are dying and it's all looking very ugly at present. However, a huge part of long-distance for me has been making the best of it. Write beautiful letters to each other, profess your love over a corny film on Netflix, have chats about the places you'll go when you next see each other. I know it's rubbish, but try to smile and remember you're making your relationships (romantic, platonic etc.) stronger by going through all of this together. 

What are you all doing to get through this lockdown? I'd love to know in the comments below!


  1. Great tips! I've done a lot of these and it's incredibly helpful.
    Especially romanticism!

  2. Thank you for these lovely reminders, Lauren - especially tip #5! It is so easy to lose ourselves amidst the lockdown, but we can get through this together. xo