Friday, 7 August 2020

How to Breathe in a Busy World

*this post contains gifted items, however, all opinions stated are my own*

The world is scary at the moment. I suppose it always has been, really. It feels as though there is something to be worried about every day, whether it is in our personal lives or the national news. 

However, these are often things we can put to one side. We can choose to forget about them for just a moment, to put them in a drawer for us to open later. 

But coronavirus doesn't want to be put away. It begs for attention wherever we go, upturning everything from what it was before. Everyone around us have become two eyes staring above a mask. Processes are different, from walking into a shop to travelling on a train. It is plastered everywhere: online, offline and everything in between. It is virtually inescapable. 

This has made me feel a loss of control which, as I am a bit of a control freak, is not a comfortable feeling. Therefore, it is so important to take a step back, to grasp some autonomy over your life and do something a bit normal. 

For me, this has to be a physical separation. To breathe a little easier, I have to put my phone to one side and move away. I understand that there is a privilege in being able to step back like this, and I am incredibly grateful for the ability to close my eyes to the world for just a few moments. 

If you are able, I suggest doing the same. Put your phone to one side, and do something tangible. Fill a teapot and let the warmth of it come through against your fingers. Or pick up a book, and let the pages rustle across your palm. Smell, see and touch what is around you. 

We live in such a fast-paced world, and often the material items we own reflect that. If you can afford to, it is so important to purchase items from smaller brands, owned by people who put so much love into what they're doing. There is something so special about owning an item that you know was made with passion, a piece that wasn't made on a factory line, but rather somebody's house or workshop. Using pieces that were made in a slower environment can often have an impact on the environment around us. 

I am working with Cara at Sparrows Nest Ceramics for the next few months, and feel extremely grateful to be doing so. She describes her work as free forming, open and never rigid or absolute. She uses primitive techniques that bring her back to nature: arts which a lot of us have said goodbye to in the modern age. 

This teacup set is a part of her beautiful collection, taking on an 'Alice in Wonderland' theme. There is no other mug like it, as each one is unique in its own right. Items like this add a new sense of peace to a moment. You know that by buying it, you have helped someone continue to do what they love. 

Cara's pieces are perfect for taking a moment away from the world, whether you make a cup of tea or eat some good food. Taking time like this for yourself, in my opinion, is vital in the current climate - as it should always be. 

So please, try to take a minute to breathe a little easier. Wear what makes you feel good inside, put yummy food into your body and surround yourself with an environment you love. If you'd like to use one of Cara's pieces to do so, my discount code LAURENEMILY will give you a 20% discount off your purchase. You can also follow her over at Instagram, to keep up with her beautiful work.  


  1. I can relate to you feeling out of control at the minute - I imagine its a worldwide feeling. Putting the phone to one side is great idea, goodness knows at the start of this whole thing I read too much online to the point where my anxiety was through the roof.

    1. Hi Elle, I hope you're well! I think it definitely is a worldwide feeling. The physical act of putting my phone to one side definitely helps me, but I definitely don't do it enough!

      I got myself into exactly the same trap, I would read everything to the point where I was very anxious, too. Isn't it so hard to get the balance right between being informed and protecting your mental health?