Monday, 22 June 2020

Is 'Lockdown Productivity' Toxic?

My social media is always littered with something telling me to be better. Instagram forces me to compare expertly prepared porridge bowls to my running-out-of-the-door-with-a-piece-of-toast-half-buttered extravaganza.

In this new age where we even share what we eat for breakfast, our lives seem so dictated. We are constantly reminded of how other people are living their lives and, therefore, how we should be living ours.

I thought it couldn't get any worse, then lockdown began.

Suddenly, it is enforced that surviving a global pandemic isn't good enough. No. I should exit this a best-selling author, yoga instructor, TikTok famous Michelin star chef with washboard abs. (Just call me Michel Roux Jr. Jr.)

There seems to be an underlying competitiveness, encouraging us to work towards our 'glow up.' Isn't the main thing that we come out here alive, with all of our loved ones safe and well?

I am a human that likes to be productive. Well, more I am someone who has to be. My mind is often a pretty loud place, and keeping busy serves as a distraction. If I don't complete something in a day, whether that even be baking a cake, I feel like a bit of a failure. But this competition has always been fairly personal; I've only had to compete with myself.

Now, I find that I'm also battling against an image that social media has curated. I have always tried to ignore these portrayals on social media, however, it becomes harder when scrolling on your phone takes up more of your day.

It was when I started calorie counting and worrying if I'd been productive enough to allow me to play a board game with my gorgeous family, that I realised something was very wrong. I had forgotten that I was already fighting a battle, trying to get a degree during the year that will always be associated with C word-19.

Instead of appreciating that, I was trying to create new issues.

So, in case you needed to hear this today. Yes, experience new hobbies if you want to. Practice yoga, write more (I certainly am) or attempt to become TikTok famous (I'll be shying away from this one).

But please, do these things to aid your mental and physical health, and not because you're aspiring to be something that social media is saying you should.

And, for goodness sakes, eat the bloody biscuit x


  1. This made me laugh - and I completely agree. There is so much pressure to be the best you can be in lockdown and learn new skills and to a certain extent; I do agree - it keeps you busy and engaged in something, but at the same time those who want to chill, and take each day as it comes, do it! I think it's important to decide for yourself what you want to do; and take the necessary steps to keep your mental health positive. Great post x

    Paige // Paige Eades

    1. I'm so glad it gave you a smile. I totally agree, keeping both your mind and body is so important but there shouldn't be the feeling of HAVING to do so. Thank you lovely <3

  2. Eat the bloody biscuit, Love that!

    1. Haha, thank you!! Hope you're well, lovely x