Thursday, 29 August 2019

Why Is Society Sacrificing The Planet?

It frustrates me so much. 


It angers me. 

It angers me that I live in a society willing to sacrifice the beautiful world that surrounds them for the clink of coins in their pocket. 

It angers me that I live in a society governed by people unwilling to prioritise the health of a planet that will not endure their constant disinterest. 

It angers me that the older generations bat climate change off with the comment that the end of the world has always been a 'threat' used by the media. 

I was on FaceTime with my boyfriend the other day. I had just seen that the Amazon was on fire, not on the news, but on social media. It shocked me that the news industry doesn't view 20% of the world's oxygen up in flames as worthy of publicising to its audience. He brought up how willing the millionaires of our population were to throw money at a burning Notre Dame, but not at something as vital as the Amazon Rainforest. 

"If the Amazon is our lungs," he said, "the Notre Dame is a cut to the skin."

So why are we sacrificing our lungs? Would we do that to our own bodies? I accept that the Notre Dame is a beautiful piece of our past. As a lover of History, I totally understand. But does it contain 10% of the world's known species? No, I didn't think so. 

It fills me with so much anguish when I realise that every step I take as a young person to help the environment is seriously undermined by those above me, people who should certainly not be in charge of such an important and precious thing.

So I guess this is why I'm fed up. I'm fed up of living in a society that doesn't seem to care about the welfare of its planet. And most of all, I'm sick to death of it being run by people who think likewise. 

So I will continue to cut meat out of my diet, recycle, carry a reusable water bottle, turn off the lights and buy unwrapped groceries. Because although these steps may be small, it makes me feel a little less useless in a world that still seems so negligent towards what matters most. 


  1. I couldn't agree more. its been such a painful past couple weeks seeing all this stuff on the news. I actually just wrote a post about this too.

    keep doing your part and promoting change. baby steps. take deep breaths. change is coming

    1. I totally agree. Will go and read your post now, lovely.

      Thank you so much, I feel like sometimes we all need a reminder that we're not the only ones frustrated by the current state of the world!

  2. Say it louder for the nay-sayers and climate change deniers in the back! I totally share in your frustrations, it's awful the level of apathy towards this crisis but change is slowly starting. Did you know that Carlsburg beer has just scrapped its plastic rings for 6 packs and opted instead for snap packs instead which require no excess packaging?

    Poppy | A Pop Of Colour

    1. Thank you!! Seeing the changes slowly come into fruition is promising. I didn't actually Pop, that's fab! I think people pass those decisions off as insignificant, but they all make such a massive difference when combined.

  3. I was so shocked that no one was talking about the Amazon. I'm trying to be more environmentally conscious too.
    Great post!

    1. I know! The media constantly disappoints and it's so upsetting. That's great, I think any extra efforts are fab - no matter how small. Thank you, lovely! X