Sunday, 3 March 2019

Saying Bye To Instagram?

It was midnight. I was lying in bed, aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and thinking to myself...

"Wow. Look at this. Look at their feed. Look at their life!"

Then I stopped and thought...

"Why am I doing this?"

I love photography. Ever since I bought a 'proper' camera I haven't looked back. It comes everywhere with me to snap away at landscapes, wildlife and any people who are willing to pose in front of the lens. 

I don't love Instagram, anymore. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand the purpose of it in the blogging field. In an industry where a lot of the success is based on the aesthetics of a person's work, it is undoubtedly valuable. I love the artistic side of it, where people can showcase their work and ideas with an audience who are interested.

I'm talking more about my personal Instagram, the one where I follow friends from school and university, and everyone shares how they're (seemingly) loving their life. 

I began to think, what's the purpose of all this and why are we posting pictures of the best versions of our lives for everyone to see?

For gratification?
To show off?
Or to simply share what we're doing?

Let's give an example. The other day, my beautiful best friend Hebe (have a looksie at her blog here) left a packet of biscuits on my desk with a lovely note, to surprise me when I returned from lectures. 

It made my day. 
So what did I do?
I shared it to my story on Instagram. 

But why?

Then I started to think. What if someone viewed that and had the exact same feelings I've experienced whilst scrolling through feeds. What if they began to doubt their friendships, even for a split second, or their personal experiences, as a result of me sharing the best bit of my day?

I don't want to do that.

I absolutely love university. I am so grateful to have met the people I have and to have managed to get into such a prestigious institution. People say these are the best days of your life, and to be honest, at the moment I do feel like that is the case.

But don't get me wrong, it can be hard. There have been tears and moments where I've missed home. Because it's life, and nobody is happy-go-lucky 24/7. But nobody is going to share that, are they?

So I'm fed up. I'm fed up of everyone publishing their best moments on a platform which makes people question and doubt. It's almost like a constant competition, of who has the best life and who is having the best time. And that's not good for anyone, is it?

Does this mean I should delete Instagram? Let me know about your thoughts on this platform x 


  1. I totally understand where you are coming from. About 2 years or so ago I did a big clear out of people that I used to follow back then. Basically if their feed were too 'perfect' with: perfect layout , 'perfect life' , perfect filter , theme and so on then I deleted them . I know sounds arsh but I could not take the fakery anymore. Don't take me wrong I still follow people with very pretty feeds but most people I follow now are more down to earth than the people I used to follow few years ago. It did me good, also I tried not to follow people with more than 20k (apart a some that I can't help) , they are usually easier to speak to , to engage etc. as soon as they get too big you no longer significant as a follower. Perhaps you should do a clear out too and maybe purposely left your Mobil in a room , that s what I do when I realised I spend too much time on it. Also I do delete people that start to show too much of a 'perfect life ' on stories I follow people that genuinely told when they had a shit day , talk about their constipation problem or that they hate the gym etc. like normal shit stuff haha !! I mean I don't have the answer but see how it goes.

    1. I think this is a good idea, I much prefer realistic portrayals online, as it can be so damaging otherwise! X

    2. It can be indeed. Not too worry . x

  2. I guess the real question is - what value is Instagram bringing into your life? Is it inspiring you in some way? Maybe then you narrow down those you follow to those that make you smile. Do you get a lift from publishing? Or does it set off a negative reaction if views and likes don't meet your expectations. If Instagram is not bringing positive energy into your life, then I would quit. That's what I did with Facebook when I realized it just wasn't making me smile - ever! If you're not ready for a drastic change, maybe just give up IG for a few weeks and see how your outlook changes?
    Joan Senio
    My Best Friend Adeline

    1. I definitely enjoy seeing what everyone is up to on Instagram, but the underlying competitiveness of it seems to be at the back of my mind! I think there's certainly a good feeling if a post has a good reaction, just like on any social media platform. I'm loving the Marie Kondo attitude, haha! Thank you for your advice x

  3. Lauren, MY beautiful best friend, firstly you're the sweetest. Secondly, very wise post. You've inspired me - giving up instagram for lent is going well so far xx

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