Friday, 1 February 2019

A Tour Around My University Room

Do you remember the old days of YouTube? When your subscription box would be filled with room tours, 'my everyday makeup' tutorials and draw my life videos.

I have seen these types of video start to resurface and thought I'd follow the trend and take you around my university room, because who doesn't love a good ol' nose, right? (I certainly do.)

I feel like I've lucked out a bit with my room, I've been told my a lot of people that my halls remind them of Hogwarts, which is never a bad thing! The only complaint I have is because of all the old wooden furniture, dust collects very quickly. My grandma bought me dusting sheets for Christmas, because she couldn't believe how dusty it was when she came to visit... oops. 

I've grown to love this space. I've filled it with photographs, house plants and reed diffusers and it does feel like mine, even though it will only be my room for a few more months (British students usually move to rented houses after their first year of study.)


If you asked my friends to describe my style, one of the words would definitely be floral. My duvet is no exception, and with the ladybird print on the underside it's perfect. I always pop a lavender bag underneath my pillow as well, along with my pyjamas. I've always found the smell really soothing and homely, so it came with me to uni!

Bedside Table

I keep quite a few bits and pieces on my bedside table. I managed to pick up the trinket dish for £1, and I hang my rings on the trunk of a little elephant I got on a post a-levels holiday in Majorca. I always have a bottle of water by my bed, this turtle can has been amazing in university. I've been trying to live more sustainably (you can read about that here) so this has meant that I've made no unnecessary purchases of plastic bottles. Also, my flat have followed and now a lot of us have ones in varying colours, so we're all doing our bit!


I'm lucky to have quite a bit of space on my bookshelf, so I've split my books into academic and ones to read for leisure. I collect the Penguin editions of the classics, and my boyfriend very kindly got me 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' for Christmas, which can be seen on my bedside table. I do also store my alcohol on the bookshelf (the lime cordial is actually my flatmate's) and I know pink gin is an absolute cliche, but it tastes lovelyand it was a Christmas present!!

Desk Space

I spend a lot of time at this desk, in fact I'm sitting here right now. I have an aloe vera and a jelly bean plant in the corner, along with a beautiful marble pot for storing all of the free pens I managed to get in fresher's fair. I also have a massive pin board which I've done my best to fill with lots of black and white photos of my nearest and dearests (afraid I can't put a photograph of them on here!), a wall calendar and lots of miscellaneous prints, tickets, stickers etc. 


This is where I brush my teeth, put my makeup on in the mornings, wash my face etc. I keep all of my skincare products here, and also some perfume and dry shampoo. My family swears by germolene for every ailment known to man, so that sits by my trusty burts bees lip balm, and all my nice smelly stuff from Christmas is stored in a tin underneath. 

This posts contains items that were gifted to me by the lovely people at AMARA.


  1. A beautiful room for a beautiful human x

  2. Hi Lauren,

    Lovely to hear about your room - such a wonderful little update, loved to hear how you've 'decked it out'.

    Hope to hear much more about how you've been getting along at 'the big U' (university) in the coming posts!

    Rwy'n mwynhau dawnsio o gwmpas y popty ping!!

    Yours in kindness and good health,


    1. Why thank you my lovely, will make sure I let you know about any updates on my experience at the 'big U' in the near future! Best wishes as always, Lauren x

  3. Your room is so cute!! I love reading room tours. :)

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. Thank you so much!! They are fun to read, aren't they? I do love a nose x