Sunday, 26 August 2018

How I'm Trying To Live More Sustainably

It's near impossible to avoid the threats we're facing, as a result of our general carelessness as a world population. I watched a video recently that stated in bold, "Nature doesn't need people. People need nature." 

And that struck a chord. I've never watched or read something that summed up something so comprehensive, into something so straightforward and hard-hitting. It's undebatable that the human race, especially with the advances of the modern age, are consistently mistreating what we are supposed to be taking care of. 

So I made a decision to try and make a small difference, and this is what I've been doing in order to do so. They're small things, but all of us doing them as a collective can make a notable difference:

I've been vegetarian since the 1st of January 2018. I regularly get people asking me "but don't you miss bacon?" to which the answer is to trust me, it's not that hard! If you feel unable to fully cut meat out of your diet, why not try having certain days of the week where you don't eat meat? Anything makes a difference. 

I may do a full blog post on my reasons for going vegetarian, but I want to avoid being 'preachy' as much as possible! I really didn't find it too difficult, and any trouble adjusting was outweighed by the ethical and environmental benefits of my decision. 

Sustainable Fashion 
This is a fairly new idea I've been researching, as it's just not something that occurred to me before. I had heard about the issues surrounding sweatshops abroad, and the cost of cheap clothing in this country, but didn't know it was such a broad problem until I watched this video.

I now buy a lot more of my clothes from vintage shops and charity shops and selling any unwanted clothes on Depop. I still do shop at high-street stores due to my limited budget as a student, but will try to cut this down even more in the future. However, I never, and have never, thrown out clothes, and can't believe people are doing this!

Internet Browsing
This is a small change, but honestly can make such a difference. I have switched my browser from Google to Ecosia, who use the money they make to plant trees. It's so aesthetically pleasing, and you're helping the environment effortlessly - what's not to like?!

Water Bottles 
It makes me cringe when people purchase plastic bottles with the intention of using them once, and then throwing them away. It's just so unnecessary! I used to re-use water bottles until they were falling apart, but heard that the chemicals in their interior can be damaging to our health. Also, this was still contributing to plastic waste. Therefore, I bought a reusable turtle can water bottle (they're a lot cheaper than chilly ones!). I use it all of the time, with no waste of health risk whatsoever!

Plastic Straws
Straws are not only plastic, but they have the potential to be so harmful to ocean species. There are awful images of turtles who have ingested straws that have entered the sea. Sometimes, I can't avoid using them when I'm given them in restaurants and bars, but we no longer use them in the house.

Supermarket Shopping

Supermarkets are using too much plastic, especially budget shops. Whenever I do a shop, I always put fruit and veg loose in my basket to avoid using plastic bags. This saves on waste and lessens the demand for plastic bags used.

Also, buy a bag for life (or several)! There's no need at all to be buying plastic bags every time we go to the supermarket - it's wasting money and definitely not helping the environment. 

I love a hot shower at the end of the day (though maybe not in this heat...) but I've recently been trying to take shorter showers, in an effort to use less water. Alhough, small changes can be made instead - if you're shaving your legs in the shower, turn off the water whilst doing it! Also, for a few years now, I have always turned off the tap whilst brushing my teeth. 

I know these things seem so small they're almost insignificant, but I promise you that a small difference is still a change, and that's the main thing! However, there are still changes that I want to make in the near future, to live more sustainably:
  • Period Products - I'm anxious about moving from what I'm comfortable with, but I'm aware of the huge amount of waste products, such as tampons and pads, are causing. Therefore, I'm going to research more sustainable options.
  • Email over Post - I love a paper copy as much as the next person, but a decision as small as selecting to be given information by email, rather than post, already reduces paper waste. At the moment, my banking information is delivered by post, so I plan to change this soon. 
How are you trying to live more sustainably? I'd love to hear your ideas!


  1. OH OKAY! The impact of not eating meat for a meal makes such a difference in the environment. Glad you mentioned that point! It's awesome that you have chose to be vegetarian.

    1. It really is! Thank you, it's a life decision I'm so happy I made xx

  2. I try to be vegetarian during the week and I really love it! Also I had never heard of Ecosia but I just looked it up and that's so cool!

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. I highly recommend it! I feel so much better after doing it, and also the difference it makes makes it so worth it. It's fab, a small change such as changing your internet browser can make a big difference! <3