Sunday, 4 February 2018

Primary School Memories Every British Person Will Understand

Now that I'm older, I'm coming up to a huge milestone in my academic life: university. This upcoming change has encouraged me to reflect on my previous experiences in education, so I decided to write about memories you can possibly relate to from primary school!

I had a somewhat quintessentially British childhood, which stretched to my education; I went to the local village school, just a five minutes walk away (I live in quite a quiet place which my friends have now named "the sticks.")

So, here are a few things that speak "primary school" to me; I would love to hear about your experiences in education, especially if you're from another country!

The proud moment when you upgraded from writing with a pencil to a blue, Berol pen.

Once getting to the last class in the school, you felt like royalty sitting on the bench in assemblies. 

Making 'bird's nests' with the cut grass, once the field had been mowed.

No matter what your injury, a wet paper-towel was sure to solve it. 

Wearing a blue, checkered dress in summer, usually paired with white knee high socks.

Trying to get your gooey alien pregnant by putting it in the fridge.

Shadowing the teacher at lunch with best friend in tow, so you could both ring the big brass bell at the end.

Singing the same songs in every assembly. Popular choices included "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," and "Cauliflowers Fluffy,"

Spending at least half the allotted time for computer work trying to decide what word-art to use for your title.

The sign of a good afternoon was peeking into your classroom and seeing the computer waiting on its wheeled stand.

Thanking the heavens when you spotted the cake with the white icing and sprinkles was for pudding.

Being asked to take a note to another teacher, and feeling that you have been challenged with taking the ring to Mordor. 

The thin blue mats that were meant to cushion your fall in P.E. were very deceptive.

The background of every school computer screen was the green hill and the blue sky dotted with clouds. 

Covering your hands in PVA glue, then peeling it off once it dried was the majority of your art lessons.

And finally... If you didn't have the signature of every pupil, teacher and dinner lady on your t-shirt, your last day was classed as a failure!