Sunday, 25 February 2018

Off to Hogwarts

I am, as I'm sure many of you are, a huge Harry Potter fan. I grew up with both the books and films, and still take a comfort in the world Rowling created. 

However, despite living in the UK, I still hadn't been to the studios in London, where they have all of the classic sets: Diagon Alley, Privet Drive - you name it! 

So, for Christmas, I bought tickets for both myself and my mum to go this February. We had a fab time, and were amazed at the detail of the sets created for the films. 

The tour started with the entrance to the great hall, which really set the tone, as it is such an iconic part of the films in general. 

The hall itself was beautiful. It really felt as if you were in the great hall, and completely detracted away from the feeling of a film-set.

I think one of the things that really struck me was the craftmanship that went into making the costumes; such care was taken over everything, even if it would appear for a few seconds, or not even appear at all, in the end! This was evident everywhere, but it struck me first here.

As you turned the corner, you could see the costumes and items from the Yule Ball, which were GORGEOUS. The Goblet of Fire is, most probably, my favourite film, especially the scene where Hermione walks down the stairs in the dress below, so it was amazing to be able to see them so closely.

The makeup department had such a tricky job; I was amazed by the fact that most of the characters wore wigs, as I assumed the majority would have their natural hair, even if it was dyed! There were parts of this that made me realise what a big job the department had, such as ensuring Daniel Radcliffe's scar was in the same place for every single scene... wow.

The beds in the boys' dormitory were tiny; we heard somebody saying that their length didn't change for the series of films, so by the end, if they were lying straight on the bed, their feet would fall off the end!

I loved this set; the labels and the content of the jars were so believable. 

Hagrid's Hut actually smelt like I would imagine it to, which was really strange. It had a musty/woody kind of smell.

Anyone for a game of Quidditch?

These are the oil paintings I was talking about earlier, the detail was amazing! I loved the inside jokes that the designers had as well; some of the portraits would be based on members of the team, or their names would be made up of the people working on the films. I think it gave everything a personal touch.

The Burrow; this was one of my favourite sets; I would quite happily live there!

We can all admit that Umbridge is the most hated character, forget Voldemort!

The set of the Forbidden Forest really showed the efforts of the creative departments; there was a diagram which showed the stages of painting the trees. There were so many steps and by the end they were so lifelike! It involved processes such as adding coloured sawdust to the material, in order to replicate the texture of lichen on the bark. Also, Buckbeak was incredibly beautiful and so realistic.

Anything from the trolley, dears?

It's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Potter's Cottage.

The little details in Privet Drive made me laugh!

The processes of creating smaller elements of costume were also shown in detail. Hats, so many hats!

Diagon Alley, I could've spent all day in this set alone. There was so much to take in whilst looking through the windows and at all of the signs.

Last of all and, arguably, the best bit: the Hogwarts model. A camera lens can't do this justice, trust me!

Have you been to the Harry Potter Studios in London? If so - what was your favourite set/part of the tour?


  1. This is so truly magical and gives me goosebumps!
    Had I visited the studio (crying on the inside that I haven't) I think Hagrid's hut would be my favourite... But maybe I'll have to jetset across the world to find out... for research purposes of course.
    Thank you for all the great pictures, makes me so happy when people love the wizarding world!


    1. I'm so glad! I definitely recommend seeing it when you can, it took me a long time and I already want to go again! No problem, I hope it gave you an insight into the studios and what they're like! Xx

  2. You got such good pictures! That would be such a cool place to go!

  3. the details are so amazing, I almost feel like I'm there. If I am ever in london, I would visit this set. thanks for sharing for those of us, like me, who doesn't get a chance to visit such place.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you so much, I do highly recommend! No problem at all, that's why I posted!

      You too, Lissa Xx

  4. I'm not a die-hard Harry Potter fan or anything, I mean I do like it, but I'm not obsessed if that makes sense :P But I have heard such rave reviews for this place that I really want to go! Sounds like a book nerd's heaven.
    You got some lovely pictures, it's crazy to see how much detail was put into every little thing, very impressive. Thank you for sharing, has definitely pushed me to book tickets for myself soon :)

    Jessica xo /

    1. I know what you mean. I've heard many people say (and I would agree) that even if you're not enthralled by Harry Potter, the details about the art department etc... are SO interesting, that you don't need to be. I think it certainly has the wow factor for everyone who goes there!
      Thank you, it is very impressive! I would defo recommend :) Xx

  5. I've been saying I want to go here for a birthday trip for a few years now but because my birthday falls in the summer holidays we always go to book tickets too late and find it's sold out! Looks like you had a fab time and you got some great pictures, will definitely be trying to book some tickets this year!

    Jess xx

    1. I definitely recommend visiting! You really do have to book well in advance due to its popularity, but it's so worth it! Xx

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your experience here! I've never been to these types of places and being a Harry Potter fan, this was fantastic to see. You can't appreciate the fine details in movies the way you can see them at these sets.
    Kanra Khan

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    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed, that's why I posted them! I totally agree, some people would think it would spoil the magic of the films, but I think it just makes them better really. The craftsmanship involved was extraordinary! Xx