Sunday, 7 January 2018


A blank word document, masses of work needing to be completed, books still unread and essays still unwritten... we've all been there, let's be honest. 

I'm always hunting for solutions to the procrastination we all experience, I feel like sometimes we're naturally in 'the zone' to work, and at times we just lack the go to do anything. 

Now it's 2018, and everyone amongst you will have work coming your way. So, I thought I'd share some methods of how I get myself motivated and focused, to complete what I need to do!


I usually find I work best if have something to look forward to, once I've completed the task I need to do. For example, if I know I'm going out later with friends I tend to procrastinate less and get on with what needs to be done.

This becomes more difficult during periods of time such as exams, but if you know you have something small to look forward to, even if its simply nice food or another episode of your favourite series, I can assure you completing tasks will be much easier!


I know you hear this a lot, but your phone will always be more tempting than that one task you've been putting off for days; get rid of it! Put it in a different room or give it to someone you live with, so they can keep it away from you. That goes for anything that can be distracting; try and work in the quietest room in the house, or perhaps go to the library if you're really struggling with noise. 


I find I work best in hour long chunks, with small breaks in between, to keep motivated. However, if I feel like I'm working well I tend to minimise these. I feel that this is a very personal thing, and therefore it is best for you to work out how long you can keep focused without a break. So find your groove, and go for it!


Prepare the space; before you sit down to work think "what will I need?" It will be so much easier to focus if you have, say, all of the pens and paper you need next to you, with a cup of tea and a biscuit to get rid of the excuse to go to the kitchen!


If you're working in a crowded space, with miscellaneous sheets of paper and cables everywhere, you'll feel claustrophobic and are less likely to be motivated. Instead, first ensure the space surrounding you is clean. Then, put some fairy lights on, maybe even light some candles so there's a nice smell in the room. If I feel as if I'm in a pleasant space, I am definitely more likely to focus and get work done. 


I like to listen to music, but nothing with lyrics as this can distract me, instead of doing any good. I find that classical works well best for me, but if you struggle with the volume of the music changing, try piano instrumentals as these tend to be more consistent and less dramatic in places!


This is perhaps my favourite tip for motivation; ASMR Rooms on Youtube has helped me so much with revision and focusing on tasks in general. 

They videos are animated pictures with white noise, such as a crackling fire place, the turning of pages and pens scribbling down notes. My favourite are the Harry Potter ones (the above is the Weasley Burrow) but there are more options. They have the common rooms, library, classrooms etc. I highly recommend; when I'm doing work and need to focus, I put my earphones in and listen to these beautiful videos. They're also especially useful if you like working for the same time periods as me, because they're hour long videos, I've even used them to time essays before, especially when I'm stressed with upcoming exams. Perfect!

How are you going to stay motivated throughout 2018?
Do you have any tips that other people could benefit from?