Sunday, 10 December 2017

How I Bullet Journal

I started keeping a bullet journal a few months ago, sceptical of whether I would really persevere. I expected I'd do it for about a month, and then eventually give up due to lack of time. However, I have stuck at it, and it has proven to be a very effective method of organisation! 

I love reading posts about how people organise their lives, and I thought you may enjoy an insight into how I structure my bullet journal. 


I wrote the title in a circular wreath, and continued to do the same for the year. I feel these have a very elegant feeling, but also are very therapeutic to draw - so it's a win, win!

To Do Lists

As the purpose of my bullet journal is organisation, it's full of lists. I usually include a to do list for my weekly layouts, and then a mega one (as you can see above) if I am inundated with work and other matters. 

Including these lists allows me to highlight them and have a constant tracker of how I'm doing with everything. 

This Month

I don't normally do this, but as you can see my 'December' title was drawn within a wreath also - it is the Season, after all! I usually include an inspiring quote within the weekly layouts, this acts as a reminder whenever I use my journal, and I usually source these words from my Pinterest board here.

My month begins with a day-by-day account of what I should be up to. This is basically a mini calendar, so I can consult it whenever I need to; as soon as I find out what I'm doing on a certain day, I write it here. 

My weekly planner is usually written in cursive writing to split it into days, as you can see. This is very quick to do and therefore doesn't use up as much time as drawing out the titles and monthly calendar. 

I love writing in my bullet journal; it's so therapeutic to do before I go to sleep, and it really keeps me on track in the crazy time of my life that is A-levels!

I hope this has given those of you who already bullet journal some fresh ideas, or inspiration to those who haven't as of yet!