Sunday, 13 August 2017

Summer 2017: Makeup Favourites

1. SLEEK HIGHLIGHTING PALETTE // I received this palette for Christmas and it is just lovely. The shimmery shades are perfect for my cheekbones and nose, whilst the other two are lovely for the finishing touches. I especially like the gold shade to add a glowing, sun-kissed look.

2. NYX MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK (08) // This is definitely my favourite item in the post. It's AMAZING. I've heard wonders about these liquid lipsticks and decided to try it out. I wanted a lip product that wasn't drying, but didn't slide off within the first ten minutes of wear. This is the perfect medium between the two and lasts for ages; perfect!

3. NO7 EYESHADOWS // I have had these eyeshadows for longer than I care to admit, but they are fab. The colour variation means that they all co-ordinate so well if I put them together, and I love the way they brighten my eyelids.

4. NO7 EYELASH CURLERS // These do exactly what they supposed to do; they're sturdy and look lovely with their gold colour. What more could you want?!

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Number three & four are not for sale anymore, though I found similar products for you!

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Which makeup products have you been loving recently?